The Insurer that works for you!

Insurance brokers act as your personal advisor on insurance matters. They work for you, not the insurance company, to make sure that your family, your possessions and your business are properly protected.

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  • Insurers provide lower than market rates to brokers in order to remain competitive
  • Brokers are professionally trained to choose the right policy for you, which limits the potential of you being under insured and the potential financial backlash that could potentially result.
  • Intrepidus is your advocate and is available to negotiate and assist during the event of a claim or dispute


  • Large insurers involve a lot of bureaucracy that often leads to long hold times on the phone, while Intrepidus brokers are all knowledgeable and can save you time.
  • An Intrepidus broker is able to provide you with quotes sooner than by going directly to the insurance company, let alone having to reach out to a number of insurers to compare quotes.
  • An Intrepidus broker can communicate in the way that is most comfortable for you, whether it’s in person, by email or on the phone, preventing waiting periods from insurance processes.


  • Our services come at no additional cost to you
  • Working with us can save you money on your insurance policies
  • We work for you, not the insurance company
  • Expert, independent insurance advice that you can trust
  • Unbiased advice about each local insurance provider
  • It’s much easier to deal with our professionals, than with an insurance call centre


Our Mission at Intrepidus is to create a more protected community by offering insurance to residents of Bermuda from a wide range of insurance providers, ensuring that every customer ultimately purchases the insurance that is most appropriate for their needs.


Insurance Brokering

Intrepidus offers brokering services that support both Personal and Commercial Insurance.

Personal Insurance

  • Building and Contents Insurance
  • Condo Insurance
  • Motor Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Sports Insurance
  • Valuable Items:(Jewellery, Fine Art, Silver, Other Collectible Items)

Business Insurance

  • Property Damage
  • Business Interruption
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Public Liability
  • Professional Liability
  • Commercial Crime
  • Contractor’s Insurance

Insurance Brokering

Our core brokering services include:

  • Formulating timetables for the renewal process
  • Preparing risk assessments
  • Negotiating competitive policies in the insurance market
  • Negotiating policy terms and conditions
  • Producing renewal reports, including a detailed analysis of terms, cost and premium options for each class of risks
  • Placing of agreed insurance programme

Risk Management

Intrepidus will offer risk management services that support both Personal and Commercial Insurance. Our services include:

  • Business continuity planning
  • Review of fire, engineering and security systems to protect private and professional assets
  • Review of safety, health and environment systems and procedures to reduce risk exposures and assist with the ability to defend civil actions
  • Insurance programme review and evaluation
  • Risk management audits and improvements programme
  • Provision of meaningful statistical analysis and management information
  • Alternative risk financing and funding
  • Consulting on insurance needs to determine a course of action
  • Referring clients to additional providers who can reduce risk (locksmiths, security professionals, etc.)

All insurance products will be provided by any of the major local insurance providers, with the option to place outside of Bermuda where the coverage is not available on Island.

Risk Management Services

  1. Risks Review
  • Identification of risks through site reviews and discussions
  • Assistance and provision of advice in connection with risk management programmes
  • Coordination of underwriting surveys and risks management meetings with insurers; and
  • Review of contracts, leases and agreement for insurance requirement
  1. Insurance Programme Design
  • Identification of uninsured risks
  • Annual reviews of insurance programme to ensure that all exposures are either insured or drawn to the attention of the insured
  • Recommendation of insurance programme that will incorporate the above and relevant insurance market conditions
  • Arrangement of annual visits to major insurers
  1. Information Collection
  • Obtain sums insured and budget information prior to renewal
  • Obtain accurate claims expertise from existing and past insurers

Loss Adjusting

Intrepidus will offer lost adjusting services that support both Personal and Commercial Insurance. Our services include:

  • Claims and loss management services, including support with major complex claims
  • Efficient claims management support and advice
  • Handling major loss negotiations in conjunction with insurers and loss adjusters
  • Continuing direct reporting procedures with insurers
  • Evaluating records, trends and statistics; and
  • Handling audit claims

Independent Insurance Consulting Services

The following services are available:

  • Risks/services engineering
  • Risk financing and consulting services
  • Employee risk control
  • Machinery breakdown analysis