(Hamilton, Bermuda, June 27, 2016) – Intrepidus Insurance Services (“Intrepidus”), a new local insurance broker, today announces its official launch. The first of its kind in Bermuda, Intrepidus is a full-service independent insurance broker created to assist individuals and businesses in understanding, evaluating and navigating their insurance needs.

Bermuda offers a myriad of insurance options. Most insurance policies are complex and it can be time consuming to compare and contrast them, especially across companies. Intrepidus provides customers with one-on-one, personal advice to ensure that everyone in Bermuda has access to the information they need to make the right, cost-effective insurance decisions.

The company’s services include risk mitigation and claims adjusting. In the event a customer needs to file a claim, the insurance broker will guide them through the process, helping them to achieve a timely and fair settlement with their insurance company. If a dispute arises, the broker serves as an advocate to negotiate on behalf of the insured.

Intrepidus President, Henry Sutton, is a seasoned insurance expert with a deep understanding of the local market, having worked in management positions at both local and international insurance companies.

“I am excited to launch Intrepidus and bring this much needed service to the Island,” said Mr. Sutton. “There are several insurance companies in Bermuda so customers benefit from having a choice in service providers. However, insurance is a complicated market and it’s important to understand your options in order to make informed decisions. Intrepidus can help you reduce your premiums, understand the small print and ensure your claims are handled fairly, at no additional cost, ultimately saving you time and money.”

Intrepidus is independent from any insurance company and all of its services are free of charge to customers. As is standard for brokers, Intrepidus is paid a commission through the insurance company that ultimately gains a customer’s business. There is no financial incentive for one company over another and Intrepidus operates with full transparency. The company’s services are available to business owners, families and private individuals.

Intrepidus is licensed by the Bermuda Monetary Authority as an insurance intermediary to provide insurance services in Bermuda.

To learn more about Intrepidus and its services, visit